Whatever (welsey) wrote in socialpretender,

Poser Poseur

I am a poseur and I don't care. I like to make people stare.

I have been called a poser by a few people, most of which are not in the authority to call me one. However, people that are also call me a poser or simply insinuate it by saying I "try too hard".
Damn, it's hard to be a chick.

Note: I am a riot grrrl...there is no hierarchy there (seeing as it is not run by males) so I can say it freely. If you think that I'm a poser riot grrrl...well then I believe you are in the right community.
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i don't care if people stare as long as it's not malicious, because then i bite back. those fucking teenybopper whores are the worst.
Actually, that first line is from an x-ray spex song.
But I am a poser anyway.
teenybopper punk girls??
what about teenybopper punk girls?