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Musings of a Poser #1

You know what I think is strange? The best way to be accepted as NOT being a poser is to make a new group of friends who never knew the poser you, or shift cities. Believe it! It'll work! If you want to perpetuate the belief that you belong to a certain subculture slice of society, all you need to do is ditch your old friends and home. Guaranteed to work, and you know why? Because all the new people you meet will, by seeing what's on the outside, naturally assume what's on the inside and automatically, in their mind, you'll be what you always wanted to be but felt like too much of a poser to achieve.

It happened to me recently - not the whole acceptance thing, oh no, I'm still a poser of the highest degree (and BOY, aren't *I* made to realise it :\) - but when some friends of mine from highschool came back to town for a visit, friends whom i hadn't seen for over two years, the reaction, oh, for that briefest moment, it felt like all that i was made to feel beforehand wasn't so. Just for that moment it felt so *good* to ditch the poser tag, just for a little while. But then, of course, i had to open my trap and explain the truth and well, those familiar old poser feelings came rushing back. And you know what's worse? Because i tasted just for a moment what it would be like to be accepted, it made realising the truth all the more bitter and vilesome.


And don't *I* know where my problem originates... damn head...
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