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Question of the Day

Okay, I really want to see this little community prosper, and, I 'spose I'll institute that.
Participation is key here, people!

I'm going to ask a Question of the Day [Yes, I'm aware it's dorky...shuddup!]

This question was spawned from a stupid conversation that RE and I were having the other day...

So, for today's Question

In the shower, do you face the shower head, or keep your back to it?

I keep my back to it.~JNE

If YOU have any general ponderances that you'd like answers to, feel free to ask away!

Later Phonies
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keep my back to it. i'm not fond of the whole water in the eyes deal.
It depends...sometimes I face it sometimes I don't...i never really though about it actually...hmmmm
back to it!!!!