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I'm not a poseur

Well, I don't consider myself one. I do have a song about how big of a posuer I am, but that's another story I guess. I made a posuer shirt as well. Anyways - I hate the word, and the concept. Even at that, I can't help but think, "ewww - posuer". Hypocritical, I know. Anyways - heres a really bad essay on the concept of being a posuer, that I wrote late at nite a few months ago.

Perpatuating Indiduality In A Subculture

The defining factor of one living up to, and moreso transcending, a particular
cliched ideal has nothing to do with attire, interest, intensity, ignorant banter, or
even intelligence. At the core of the matter it lies within the heart - a lasting love of
what makes an individual the person they are. For most people this wisdom comes
through a period of time and varied experience, but that is not the most pertinent
factor. Rather it has to do with a certain brilliant blazing orange bolt of inspiration,
or a slow, steady stream of changing priorities that reinvents your worldly
perspective. This transition may come very early or seem to be an inherited trait,
but until someone ultimately realizes this vital aspect - the overall unimportance of
image - they are only an effigy of who they could truly be. Everyone wears clothing
(listens to music, has hobbies, etc.). For the vast majority of people, particularly
students, their attire projects at least a certain sliver of who they feel they are. The
dimensions of what it represents lies within how secure they are about themselves.

It is unfortunate that far too many people are bound by their clothing, afraid
to venture out and experiment with versatility [Music is another area were they may
reach an unispired stalemate of opnion]. Regardless of the precise garments (it can
be clothes of any style), for these misguided people their clothes are nothing more
than a restrictive uniform, screaming for attention, love and acceptance. Vaguely
the wearer emulates the attitude of people they think they respect - but the core of
their philosophy rides on an insecure yearn for brotherhood. Their clothing is
nothing more than a gambled coin. A desperate attempt to associate themselves
with something, anything. Before ever stating their personal feelings on any matter
- the thought must first be heavily filtered through a screen that predicts the
potential ramifications of the statement, and more importantly gauges how it will
make others perceive them. Rather than devouring the short, sweet life that lays
wide open in front of them - they spend their hours doting on how they can try and
emulate the charisma and beliefs of nonexistent deities. This unobtainable goal can
rapidly yield a decimated translucent shell of a human.

It is highly common, especially as a subculture slowly grows more
mainstream, that the majority of the people chasing the style, music, or hobby,
have an overall tinge of overanxiousness holding them back. Their interest is
genuine, but it also a facade. They are not concrete posuers - they have an overall
understanding of what they are trying to capture, in fact many whove reached this
stage are on the road to the bliss of self acceptance - but they still conciously try to
perpetuate an image. Concerned with this goal, and only this goal, their lifestyle
becomes a narrow-minded tunnel - always trying to prove how devoted they are to
the scene, wrapped up in some ideal of what their image should be, and unable to
completely accept the personal eccentricities which set them apart from the
generalized curve. When your most overbearing hope is to follow a subculture to the
cliched tee - trying to convince yourself you are not a posuer, attempting to impress
peers as to how a devout follower you are - this yearn boil down to a single motive:
overconcern with image. This is not how you reach self satisfaction or individuality.
Projecting an image is in fact, equally, what a posuers highest goal is. It is
ludicrous that so many people treading subculture limbo have the audacity to say
they are individuals. Rather than being devout followers of a scene, true to
themselves, they are more or less nothing more than overzealous posuers. It must
be noted this is the greatest frame of people, with an expansive grey area. Each
singkle individual cannot be lumped in the same vat of hypocrity, but they all do
share a certain lack of knowledge of who they are (or at least distress in accepting
who they are) - and thus are bound by the timeless shackles of emulating someone

Others persons, even with wardrobe similar to the groups mentioned prior,
decide thier garments with a less critical perspective. Like it or not our clothes state
at least a minimum about a who we are - be it overly thrifty, enjoy living in
comfort, partake in a particular hobby, or other variables - but to the unfettered
persons concerned in this paragraph, their clothes do not define who they are.
Rather, clothing is merely a subtle reflection and light extension of the vibrant spirit
that dwells within their mind, heart, and body - which after all is the essence that
truly defines who you are as a human being. There is no precise definition to when
someone has reached this self acceptance - being human we are all subject to
memntary lapses of faith - however it is generally achieved when your attire and
musical tastes are decided by strictly personal opinions, and the thought of how
others may percieve you because of this opinion does not even cross your mind.

Once people have taken it upon themselves to no longer be consumed by concepts
of image, they open their lives up to a multitude of new social freedoms.
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