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Here I go again on my own...

I just wanted to make a post so everybody could see my cute new icon.

I realize it's a little soon to be having VDay icons, but ... whatever, you know? I wanted to do it before somebody else did. I'm original this time.


My brother is on the fast track toward Poserdom. He wants to be just like me, or like the boys that I date/hang out with. He writes "punk rock" on everything he owns, and I've done my best to give him the best music so at least he'll know what he's talking about, should somebody ask him about it.

But I know that he won't claim to like a band unless he's heard friends say something about it first. He likes the Ramones and Blink 182 and Sum 41 the best, because they're the most popular, I'm sure. How about the Pennywise, Lagwagon, and Vandals cds that I've burned? Hasn't even listened to them. I'm shocked.
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