jen doesn't fucking like you anymore (pxystx) wrote in socialpretender,
jen doesn't fucking like you anymore

New concept

Okay Boys and Girls....I came up with a new concept tonight, with the help of Ms. RE...and here's the deal...we think that we should take Social Pretender in a new directions. So, this is the suggestion.

If you really want to be someone else...then IM someone at random, and have a completely fake conversation with them. Make up looks, and age, and location, and anything else that might come up...have fun with it! Then post it, for use to read/enjoy.

Yes, I realize we're sick individuals...but, if you do it once, then you'll see how much fun it is... is my suggestion that screennames be changed in the posting, less the person stumble upon it...but, that's up to the postee, I suppose.

RE will be posting one shortly. It really is quite a fun game, guys....or maybe it's just us.
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